Macro Newsletter May 2021

Welcome to our inaugural monthly market newsletter. The newsletter will summarise our current analysis on the economy and markets from different macro time periods; immediate term, cyclical and secular. Immediate term reports what is happening in the present and recent history, the last trading day, week, and month. Cyclical tracks on a quarterly basis where…Read More

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Fractional Reserve Bitcoin?

The past year has certainly seen more financial institutions adopt Bitcoin as a reserve asset, either for themselves or for their clients. Several news outlets have reported that BNY Mellon will hold, transfer, and issue Bitcoin on behalf of its clients. The use of the word issue raises the question as to whether they will…Read More

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Did Obama Create The 1%?

While the political left may have been the most critical voice of the wealth inequality, ironically it may have been a combination of the government and Federal reserve under a Democratic presidency that oversaw the creation of the so-called “1%”. Quantitative Easing inflates financial asset prices while causing stagnation and growing debt levels in the…Read More

The Fed Confirms QE Lowers Liquidity

In a recent talk, Portfolio Manager Steven Van Metre points out that contrary to public opinion, QE doesn’t “flood the system with liquidity”, but actually withdrawals liquidity from the Petro-Euro Dollar system. The irony of this is, that the Federal Reserve themselves published an article in 2014 confirming this to be the case:

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Beta > Leverage

It is maybe a sign of the times that Microstrategy is doing the same thing that retail investors do, leveraging up debt to speculate on an investment: We should learn the lessons of history that while beta might increase your gains as well as losses, leverage can loose you more than all your capital, as…Read More

Gold Standard vs. Credit Standard

This article won’t go into a detail explanation, but if you do the work to think through all the outworkings of a gold standard compared to the current credit standard, you’ll see that the difference between them is quite stark: Gold Standard Savings Rewards Investment Long Term Planning Stable Growth Consistent Prices Values Labour Upward…Read More

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A New Bubble In Story Stocks?

The recent 800% increase in the price of Tesla and doubling of the DoorDash and Airbnb IPOs certainly seem very bubbly. DoorDash currently makes no profit and Tesla mainly through carbon tax credits. While these may have disrupted some industries, their valuations are priced as though they’re going to take over some industries completely. The…Read More