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Beta > Leverage

It is maybe a sign of the times that Microstrategy is doing the same thing that retail investors do, leveraging up debt to speculate on an investment: We should learn the lessons of history that while beta might increase your gains as well as losses, leverage can loose you more than all your capital, as…Read More

Gold Standard vs. Credit Standard

This article won’t go into a detail explanation, but if you do the work to think through all the outworkings of a gold standard compared to the current credit standard, you’ll see that the difference between them is quite stark: Gold Standard Savings Rewards Investment Long Term Planning Stable Growth Consistent Prices Values Labour Upward…Read More

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A New Bubble In Story Stocks?

The recent 800% increase in the price of Tesla and doubling of the DoorDash and Airbnb IPOs certainly seem very bubbly. DoorDash currently makes no profit and Tesla mainly through carbon tax credits. While these may have disrupted some industries, their valuations are priced as though they’re going to take over some industries completely. The…Read More

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Does Apple Silicon Make $AAPL A Buy?

The recent all-time highs in Apple and other tech names have many analysts say that they are priced to perfection, leaving very little room to see where possible future growth could come from. However, the recent release of Apple’s first computer targeted CPU in the Apple M1 may change all that. M1 based laptops have…Read More

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Answers To The Student Loan “Crisis”

Low interest rates and commercial bank credit creation has severely increased the cost of college and the level of student loans associated with getting a degree, particularly in the United States where student loans are backed by the government. The 2020 Biden administration are floating several ideas to try and address this issue and the…Read More