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The Political Dangers Of Demographics

In their books Generations and The Fourth Turning, Neil Howe and William Strauss layout four generational archetypes that repeat through time. They have named these Prophets, Nomads, Heroes, and Artists. They believe that what emerges from this is a social and economic cycle that produces repeatable changes through time. In contemporary society, the generational archetypes…Read More

Beyond Peak Gold

Gold mine production has historically grown at about 1.5% a year, roughly the rate of population growth of the world. However new deposits and particularly new economic deposits have become increasingly rare. This raised the question of whether we are at or past peak gold output. This article will line out some of the areas…Read More

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Has Secular Deflation Turned?

We are coming to the end of the biggest credit expansion in history. While the expansion of credit has been devaluing for the USD and inflationary in terms of policy action, reflected in higher food, housing, and other asset prices, the net force of technology, too much debt and aging demographics is ultimately deflationary in…Read More

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Do Deficits Matter?

A recent thread on twitter from MMT proponent Stephanie Kelton got me thinking about the issue. The recent COVID stimulus funded by a massive deficit certainly has raised the question in a lot of people’s minds, though it was mainly papering over the cracks of a large amount of debt that wanted to deflate anyway.…Read More

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We Need A New Word For “Inflation”

Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon” Milton Friedman The historical technical definition of inflation is an increase in the money supply. However, the vast majority of use in both colloquial and academic use is an increase in prices. However even this definition is very broad and can refer to a wide number of phenomena, and these…Read More

What Else Happened In 1971?

The 1971 closing of the gold window, moved the world from a gold-based monetary system to a fiat-based system. Credit expansion then lead to indiscriminate debt and consumption replacing careful savings and investment, and many unintended consequences; economic, social, and environmental. Inspire by wtfhappenedin1971.com 1. Obesity Increase Due to excess consumption encouragement from increased debt, food…Read More

The Main Issue With eToro

eToro describe themselves as a social trading platform, and there are some merits to their platform and social innovations. However, as you’ll see in their promotional video, they market themselves in a way that suggests that you can follow another investor and make money without the time and attention of traditional investments. The main flaw…Read More